Girls definitely run the world here at Hawkins International (we’d also like to mention that we have five male employees and we love them just the same). Founded by Jennifer Hawkins 13 years ago, HIPR has evolved into an agency with high goals and even higher girl power. In celebration of International Women’s Day, we polled some of our powerful ladies to learn about who inspires them, what their professional goals are, and what advice they have for women starting their career!









Name: Emily S.

Title: Social Media Coordinator

What woman inspires you?  It’s kind of cheesy, but, my mom. She pushed me into leadership positions at a young age and has taught me that I should never apologize for chasing my dreams.

What are your professional goals in 2016? To not be afraid to speak up in professional settings and to learn as much as I possibly can.









Name: Michelle A.

Title: Vice President

What advice do you have for women starting their career? My advice would be to be passionate and dedicated in your role and to let that drive you to achieve all your professional goals. Never be discouraged or let failures stop you because you will experience many hurdles throughout your career but look at them as learning opportunities and never as a road block. Once you find the perfect fit you won’t look at your position as just as a “job” as you will look forward to all the successes and challenges it brings and face them head on with a positive outlook on a daily basis.









Name: Martha C.

Title: Account Director

What are your professional goals in 2016? Enhance my cross-functional knowledge and perspective to benefit my clients, as well as my colleagues.

What advice do you have for women starting their career? Take all tasks and assignments, no matter how mundane, as opportunities to learn and expand your knowledge. Don’t be afraid to ask your manager why you’re doing something. It’ll teach you to be more analytical and do a better job. You may not notice it at the time, but you’re acquiring new skills and understanding that can benefit you in the long run.








Name: Ashley F.

Title: Senior Account Executive

What woman inspires you? Lady Gaga, she fully embraces who she is and doesn’t apologize for it.








Name: Ariana B.

Title: Assistant Account Executive

What advice do you have for women starting their career? Don’t be afraid to work for what you want – results won’t come when you wait for them!

Why is important to celebrate International Women’s Day? Regardless of race, ethnicity or religion it is important to band together as women to empower each other. Over the years, there have been many setbacks for women and it takes strong women to see change/movement. It is up to us to educate younger girls to be confident in their body, power, knowledge, athleticism, etc. because society won’t necessarily teach them to think that way.









Name: Tara S.

Title: Digital Intern

What woman inspires you? I believe the people that you surround yourself with are the best motivation in succeeding. The women who inspire me my peers, mother and mentors. Watching them work hard to achieve their goals, whatever they maybe, is a daily reminder that anything can be achieved if the effort and time is put into it.

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