There’s nothing better than a relaxing day by the ocean, especially in this summer heat! Packing the perfect beach bag is the key to making the most out of your vacation. Collectively, the Hawkins International team, has travelled to over 70 countries around the world and, along the way, we’ve picked up some great beach bag finds. Scroll through our list and let us know on our Facebook page which items you like best!


S’well Water Bottle


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Beat the summer heat and stay hydrated with an ice-cold drink all day! S’well bottles are crafted out of stainless steel and designed to keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12! Take your hot tea to-go as you head to your vacation destination, then soak up the sun all day while sipping on crisp water (or Rosé!).


Kikoy Beach Towel


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Kenyan Kikoys are the perfect addition to your summer beach bag. These colorful towel alternatives are light-weight, easy to pack, and quick drying, making them the perfect choice for travelers. Relax on the sand, dry off after a dip in the ocean, and then tie it around your waist to wear to the beach bar before dinner.

Mophie Powerstation


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The beach isn’t nearly as fun if you can’t take those summer photos (or Snapchats!) and blast your music all day long. Whether it’s to help you through the long flight or a full day at the beach, bring along this universal eternal battery to charge your phone or Kindle and keep your devices going all day!


Havaianas Mini Bag


(Image Credit: Clara Campelo)

Nobody knows beaches better than Brazilian Havaianas! These colorful Mini Bags are our new favorite beach essential. From a carry-on organizer to a beach bag staple, the sand-proof and water-resistant wallet is the perfect way to keep your phone, credit cards, and other valuables secure and protected!


Sun Bum Sunscreen

sun bum

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Most importantly, always remember to protect yourself! Sun Bum, a small company from Cocoa Beach, Florida, is our favorite sunscreen providing smooth and moisturizing Skin Cancer Foundation approved sun protection – perfect for a full day out in the sun!


-Claudia Whyte


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