Mountain Lodges of Peru on Vogue Online

There are many ways to experience Machu Picchu, but none better than your choice. As a result of Jen Murphy joining our press trip in May, Mountain Lodges of Peru was featured in “Thinking of Going to Machu Picchu? Why You Should Head to the Sacred Valley” on Vogue online. The feature-length piece, posted August 16, positions Mountain Lodges of Peru as one of the best ways to explore the Urubamba Valley, highlighting five- and seven-day hiking trips. “The choose-your-own-adventure philosophy means you can opt to spend all day hiking to remote alpine lakes and over high mountain passes or you can mix a half-day of hiking with cultural activities or market tours,” notes the author, who spotlights various partnerships that may add to the adventure. Vogue online is a top target, reaching 9,726,199 readers monthly.

Chebeague Island Inn in Intermezzo

Save room for dessert! As a result of a visit we arranged for Marylou Crowley, Chebeague Island Inn got the feature treatment – and then some – in the August issue of Intermezzo. Crowley’s beautiful 10-page story, “Northern Island Time,” portrays life on the island and the Inn’s hospitality, going into detail on the history, décor, activities and culinary options of the eponymous address. The second half of the piece is given over to favorite dishes (with vibrant images) that she enjoyed during her stay, and the Inn’s lip-smacking Lobster Risotto appears on the cover. A must-read for anyone who enjoys cooking and entertaining at home, Intermezzo reaches 285,000 readers in and around Boston, easy distance from Chebeague Island Inn.

Coworth Park in Nob Hill Gazette

Bound for a holiday in Ascot? Don’t forget to pack your chaps! As a result of our working with Teresa Rodriguez, including supplying info and images, Coworth Park was featured in “Equestrian Destinations” in the August issue of Nob Hill Gazette. Listing the Dorchester Collection’s country house hotel first, the round up article (on page 20) notes Coworth Park’s appeal for riders of all skill levels: “The property features an immaculate equestrian center where you can learn to ride like an Englishman; or if you’re an experienced rider, explore the glorious Berkshire countryside on a beautiful, well-trained steed.” Nice! Targeted toward culture-seeking higher-income types in San Francisco, Nob Hill Gazette has a circulation of 67,424.

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