With print media ever-evolving and a wide range of new platforms and outlets to spread news, it takes a vigilant eye on the marketplace to keep up. Here are some of Hawkins International’s strategies for keeping your messaging relevant in today’s world.


Discover Where Your Audience “Lives” and Pitch There: Utilizing Niche Magazines for Your Niche Needs.

Do they shop at Bergdorf’s? Then maybe BG Magazine should be a target.  Do they own a house that could be listed on Sotheby’s? Try pitching Sotheby’s Magazine. Drive a Mercedes? Then we pitch the Mercedes-Benz publication.  The point is, there is a wider range of outlets than ever before, and knowing that your potential customer loves wellness can lead to them seeing your story on Equinox’s blog or the MindBodyGreen podcast.


Use a Visually-led Pitch to Catch the Eye of an Editor.

In the past, well-staffed publications could easily send an editor to a luncheon to learn about your property makeover. But in today’s leaner, faster world, a magazine staffer would better appreciate your using your resources to create a fascinating pitch with gorgeous photography that they can quickly and cost-effectively turn into a story.


Smaller Magazine Staffs = More Opportunity for Brand and Agency Storytelling Mojo.

Editorial directors once oversaw one title, but today they likely have a few magazines to lead, and legacy publications might have only a half-dozen staffers to produce an issue (see Condé Nast Traveler’s recent announcement that they are merging with the UK’s Condé Nast Traveller to create one editorial team and platform serving both markets). This means everyone’s got less time to develop a story in-house, so pitch editors are frequently hungry for lots of content. They need trusted industry experts like Hawkins International to come to them with fully fleshed-out news and feature pitches.


Digital Provides Opportunities for Short-lead Stories.

Have a special offer or news alert that would expire within a traditional three-month glossy publication lead time? Pitch the digital editors at these publications, where timely, clickable stories are perennially needed.

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