Social media branding is a concept that many companies find difficult to effectively implement. On June 15th, Spaces, a business that promotes creative office space, hosted digital marketing expert Jasmine Sandler to lead a “Social Branding for Entrepreneurs” workshop.

Based out of Amsterdam, Spaces recently opened their first United States location in Long Island City, New York. The goal of the company is to inspire a hard-working entrepreneurial spirit in their clients by allowing them to thrive off the energy of like-minded individuals in a beautifully developed environment. Spaces functions on creative and innovative thinking so, hosting a social media branding workshop was a natural fit.

As a global keynote speaker, trainer, author, and consultant in Digital Marketing and Social Selling, Jasmine Sandler is immensely well-versed in the topic. Sandler boasts over 15 years of experience assisting clients such as Citibank and Intercall while simultaneously working as a lead strategist at Agent-cy Online Marketing.

Sandler shared 4 keys for developing a social brand that sells:

  1. Creation around strengths
  2. Growth in a market position
  3. Development of a viral audience
  4. Protection of social brand assets

Sandler’s main piece of advice was that to maintain a successful brand, you must lead, nurture, and educate your connections while also reaching attainable goals. Goals for businesses can include driving brand awareness, sales, media attention, investor attention, and career transition.

Regardless of a company’s specific goals, Sandler stated that entrepreneurs of budding organizations should attempt to create their own niche, identify their competitors, and define their brand, specifically through means of blogging.

Realizing the purpose of each major social media platform was another crucial element of Sandler’s seminar. She described LinkedIn as the ultimate social branding tool for B2B entrepreneurs, Twitter as a place where social influencers are born, and YouTube as the perfect branding and thought leadership tool.

Sandler’s workshop proved that with a deeper comprehension of social media branding and digital marketing, entrepreneurs should expect to see a growth in their business and further success for their brand as a whole.

To learn more about Spaces, don’t hesitate to contact them directly either by phone at 1-844-6-SPACES or via email through their website portal.


-Candice O’Connor

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