Omni Mount Washington Resort in Parents

As Pepe Le Pew so memorably put it, “Getting there is half the fun.” As a result of our ongoing communication with Karen Cicero, including an arranged media visit, Omni Mount Washington Resort was written up in Parents magazine as a choice destination for a family-friendly road trip. For the roundup-style article, which ran as “All-American Drives” in the July 2016 issue as well online as “8 All-American Drives With Google Maps,” Parents teamed with Google Maps to create road trips to some of the app’s most-searched summer destinations. Omni Mount Washington was positioned as a top spot for families under “New England Charm,” with the property and surrounding attractions highlighted and text links to the resort’s landing page to encourage readers to book a stay. Parents is a big hit, with print circulation of 2,217,318 and online VPM of 2,508,849. on The New York Times Online

How best to explicate travel insurance? Start with Stan Sandberg. As a result of our working to coordinate an interview, the co-founder of the leading travel insurance comparison website was written up in “How (and Why) to Buy Travel Insurance” on The New York Times online. The piece by Shivani Vora, which ran under “Travel Tips” on June 21, tapped Sandberg’s expertise on topics such as “Figure Out What You Want to Insure” and “Adventure and Active Travelers, Beware.” Sandberg was quoted five times, often lengthily, through nine paragraphs, and the article included a link to The New York Times online is great placement, with a VPM of 6,192,876.


Montage Kapalua Bay on Forbes Online

Let’s eat! And drink! As a result of our coordinating a media visit, Montage Kapalua Bay was written up in freelance journalist Breanna Wilson’s coverage of the Kapalua Bay Wine and Food Festival on Forbes online. “Behind the Scenes at Maui’s Most Exclusive Food and Wine Festival,” posted June 21, provided an in-depth look at the festival and the many events throughout the weekend, highlighting Montage’s Winemaker Dinner with Chef David Viviano as the “VIP event of the weekend.” The writer further illustrated her experience with vibrant imagery, including a great shot of Chef Viviano and Chef Hugh Acheson, who is a judge on Top Chef. An accompanying slideshow featured 29 images. With its sophisticated readership, Forbes online is a fantastic publication to promote the festival and the resort, with a VPM of 46,496,163.

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