Le Guanahani in Muses & Visionaries


Well, here’s one to muse about. As a result of our hosting writer Styliana Resvanis on a press trip in back in January, Le Guanahani received a positive write up in Muses & Visionaries magazine. “Le Guanahani St. Barts, French West Indies,” which covered a two-page spread in the June 2016 issue, trumpeted Le Guanahani’s 30th anniversary, nicely highlighting the resort’s beautiful design, delicious dining options and Spa by Clarins, and noting “It’s easy to see why this property ranked among the top Caribbean resorts in Condé Nast Traveler’s 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards.” We couldn’t agree more! Muses & Visionaries is a savvy lifestyle publication filled with smart, impactful content that inspires women to lead a life well-lived. Based in Palm Beach, it reaches 20,000 readers through subscriptions and single copy sales in 38 key national markets.


Le Guanahani in Rhapsody


Why spend time at Le Guanahani on St. Barth’s? Plenty of reasons. As a result our hosting Contributing Editor Hanna Seligson on a press trip back in January, the resort was featured in “Five Reasons to Check In” in the June 2016 issue of Rhapsody. Those reasons included the resort’s variety of activities, recent partnership with MyBlend, complimentary weekly wine tastings, kid-friendly atmosphere, and lip-smacking Caribbean chocolate at Bartolomeo. Seligson further noted Le Guanahani’s recent four-year, $40 million renovation, and observed the resort is “blissfully free of the thumping techno that plagues most hotels on the island.” Rhapsody, the luxury lifestyle magazine for discerning first- and business-class passengers of United Airlines, has a circulation of 100,000.


JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa on Departures Online


No plans for summer travel yet? Don’t worry. As a result of a pitch and a May press trip we put together, freelance writer Sandra Ramani included JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa in her write up of “Last-Minute Summer Villas to Book Now” on Departures online. The round-up-style read, posted June 7, includes a dazzling interior shot of Villa Rose and highlights interior and exterior design as well as GOCO Spa. There was also a direct link to the resort’s website – always appreciated. Departures online is a dazzling read and a great placement, with 278,736 unique visitors each month.


Madeline Hotel and Residences on Travel + Leisure Online


Dream of the perfect wedding all you like – everybody knows the real romance happens on the honeymoon. As a result of our outreach to Contributing Digital Reporter Jordi Lippe-McGraw, Madeline Hotel and Residences in Telluride was featured in “15 Amazingly Romantic Mini-Moon Getaways for Newlyweds” on Travel + Leisure online. The slideshow, posted June 3, included the gorgeous photo we provided and highlighted the hotel’s convenient location, variety of culinary offerings, spa, and “Bath Bar” and “Bath Barista” programs. A leading source for travel news and trends, Travel + Leisure is “top-tier,” with an affluent online readership of 1,435,085 per month.


Madeline Hotel and Residences on Shape Online


So much for lazy vacations… As a result of our July 2015 press trip and ongoing communication with Marnie Soman, Madeline Hotel and Residences was the first slide in the show of “7 Reasons You Should Book a Fit-cation to a Ski Town This Summer” on Shape online. The healthy travel piece, posted June 8, positioned the hotel as great place to stay for local events including the Telluride Yoga Festival and Telluride Mushroom Festival, and noted that the hotel staff can guide hunts for wild ingredients such as edible flowers and provide a four-course mushroom dinner. The piece included an image we sent plus links to drive traffic and encourage bookings. Shape is a great placement for the hotel, with a VPM of 3,711,205.



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