A Cluster of Clients on Yahoo! Travel

Consider this one quite a catch. As a result of our pitching to freelance writer Jordi Lippe, several HIPR clients were included in “Now You Must Forage For Your Dinner at these Luxe Hotels,” a roundup article on hotels offering guests the chance to fashion their own dining from what they find in the wild, which appeared on May 4 in the Yahoo! Travel section on Yahoo.com. The article included Le Guanahani’s Cook Your Catch program, Hotel Principe di Savoia’s Truffle Hunting Package, The Omni Grove Park Inn’s Wild Food Foraging Adventure from VUE 1913 restaurant, and harvesting Rappahannock River Oysters at Tides Inn. Yahoo! Travel is a good score: The site reaches 155,547,559 visitors per month.

Smile and say “Nice Placement” on Barrons.com

Will “selfies” soon become a thing of the past? Let’s hope so. In the meantime, a number of HIPR clients offering photography services for travelers found their way into an article touting the same on Barrons.com. As a result of our pitching, Robin Goldwyn Blumenthal’s roundup “The Selfies Backlash” included Flytographer.com, which connects clients with a network of hundreds of professional photographers; the Lungarno Collection’s new 5-star Florence address Portrait Firenze, whose Leica Experience package offers a professional photographer to guide guests around town; and Montage Deer Valley, which offers a staff photographer for complimentary photo shoots for guests.

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