What makes a Hawkins media audit so special? We have access to the gatekeepers of the major prestige newspapers, magazines, and web publications. Here’s a quick overview of what they’re looking for now.

“Really, any place is interesting as long as it has a strong news angle or a surprise element. I don’t get enough interesting pitches on Mexico and Latin America. US destinations are perennially of interest to American travelers…[and note, we have] a longer lead time than you think. The Sunday section closes nearly two weeks prior and stories are posted online between close and print publication. Supplied photography is useful in many areas, except features.”

– Elaine Glusac, The New York Times


“Eastern Europe is hot right now. I’m looking for destinations slightly off the beaten track, but at the same time, I’m interested in new stories from tried-and-true Asian cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai. [Also] roundups are SO big, they’re a good way to hit a lot of stories. Numbers and engagement are bigger on those types of stories. Brands should tap into “signature” treatments, menus, etc. in regards to the region.”

– Karen Loftus, Vogue.com Contributor


“[We write] with a career driven, 20/30 something woman in mind. Think: travel guides, budget guides, things to put on their radar as aspirational, etc. And tailored travel is huge—curating things for the specific customer, in every facet of travel. I also think the Midwest will have a huge boom, as well as Asia. Also, retreats—beach, mountain, cozy, hygge spaces (though I hate that word). Expect #selfcare to continue, I’m sure.”

– Samantha Leal, Marie Claire


“[Most excited about] Mexico in general, Buenos Aires, Peru, Vancouver, Hawaii, LA, SF, Portland, NY, and always looking for cool hotel amenities, surf-related stories and alcohol stories. Overall, we’re seeing a trend toward travel that’s less stuffy, more low key, even when it’s luxurious.”

– Natalie Compton, GQ Contributor

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