Sailrock Resort On Condé Nast Traveler Online

C’mon everybody – let’s show those college kids how it’s done! As a result of our outreach, Sailrock Resort was spot-lit in “Spring Break Destinations for Growups” on Condé Nast Traveler online. Posted December 30, the slideshow-style feature by Cheney Kwak ID’s five popular international beach destinations as emerging alternatives for adults who want to enjoy a spring-break experience on their own terms. The January opening of Sailrock Resort on South Caicos was pinpointed as among the most exciting new developments out of Turks & Caicos Islands. CNT online is a great spot to be featured, drawing 2,736,177 pairs of eyeballs a month.


Nomadic Expeditions on The Dallas Morning News Online

Sorry, cowboys: A 10-gallon hat just doesn’t look right on camelback. Thanks to our ongoing correspondence and sharing of images, Nomadic Expeditions was featured in freelance writer Amy Laughinghouse’s rundown of hot destinations for the year ahead on The Dallas Morning News online. Posted December 30, “These Travel Hotspots Will Give You Something to Look Forward to in 2017” saw Mongolia as a top travel destination for the year ahead, with the planned opening of Ulaanbaatar International Airport as key to seamless travel in and out of the country. Laughinghouse, who previously wrote about Nomadic Expeditions for The Austin American Statesman in 2013, included details of the travel outfit’s wide range of tours, including a new 13-day spiritual and cultural awakening tour launching in June featuring scholar/Buddhist monk Robert Thurman. The Dallas Morning News online has a VPM of 6,204,625.


Montage Palmetto Bluff on SWIG

A toast to Christmas coverage! Montage Palmetto Bluff got some great holiday press with a feature piece on SWIG. As a result of our outreach, including arranging an interview with Beverage Manager Ross Hardigan, writer Kristen Oliveri detailed the resort’s 12 Cocktails of Christmas offering in “Drink Up: The 12 Drinks of Christmas,” posted December 23. The feature-length piece included complete list of the 12 drinks and direct quotes from Hardigan, including a lengthy Q&A, on the inspiration behind the cocktails. SWIG is a top online blog covering the latest trends, news and happenings in the craft spirit and beer market across the country.


A Buncha Clients on Bloomberg Pursuits Online

Actually, we kinda like it when editors tell us where to go… As a result of ongoing media outreach, including sharing press releases, information and images, several HIPR clients were featured in a recent roundup of “Where to Go in 2017” on Bloomberg Pursuits online. The lengthy article compiled by a collection of reporters and editors and posted at the start of the New Year, highlighted Sailrock Resort, Le Guanahani, Big Five Tours & Expeditions, and Wilderness Safaris as providers of great travel experiences in Turks & Caicos, St. Barthélemy, Sri Lanka and Rwanda, respectively. There were plenty of gems in the lengthy piece, with Sailrock highlighted as perfect for families and honeymooners, Le Guanahani noted for its “riot of colors,” and Wilderness Safaris called “the Tesla of African Tourism.” Targeting the ambitious global elite, Bloomberg Pursuits gets a whopping 23,408,172 visits a month.

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