1. Gogobot

Founded in 2010 as a website, Gogobot is the go to app for curating activities for trips all over the world. Gogobot allows users to easily discover places and activities in addition to the ability to read and write reviews based on his or her interest. The interactive app enables users to compete with friends by writing reviews. The points collected from writing reviews allows users to compete and move up in a leaderboard. Gogobot also produces “GoGo This Week” which lists events curated by Gogobot City editors in a number of major destinations including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston.

  1. PackPoint

PackPoint is the best resource to have during the packing process. Users enter in their destination, dates of the trip, duration of stay, type of trip, and types of activities that they plan on participating in. From there, the app generates an interactive packing list based on the weather and users are able to check off, delete, and add items as desired. PackPoint Premium allows users to create custom packing templates and add custom activities for a cost of $2.99 for Android and iPhone users.

  1. GTFO (Get the Flight Out)

According to an online study done by Expedia, 92% of people consider themselves to be spontaneous. GTFO (Get the Flight Out) is an app for the spontaneous traveler. It allows users to pick their closest airport, look at the cost and book last minute flights to any destination in the world. GTFO arranges the available flight results from least to most expensive. The results are updated consistently throughout the day, so they are subject to change if the user checks at different times of the day.

  1. Stayful

Stayful the the app for the person who is not a fan of hotel negotiations. In the app, the user picks how much they are willing to spend, the location of his or her trip, and the length of stay. Stayful generates hotel prices based upon the given factors and market analysis. From there, the user can send the negotiations to the desired hotel through the app and book the accommodations directly.

  1. Ascape VR

Ascape was launched in 2015, and it is an app that lets you explore a location before the user visits through the world of virtual reality. The app, with the assistance of a virtual reality device that is compatible with a smartphone, allows the user to immerse him or herself into a 360 degree video platform to explore various locations such as San Francisco without having to leave the comfort of home. This app is perfect for travelers who like to know what to expect before embarking on a trip. The content featured on Ascape is provided by provided by various content creators who are on site.


Peighton Crawford

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