Spring break is here! But what do you pack? Your trusted Hawkins International travelers have some tips and tricks to make sure your bags are packed with everything you’ll need for a smooth trip from start to finish.

  1. Pack for versatility! Carry-all totes are perfect for using as a carry on during your flights and for filling with a towel and a few magazines for the beach (don’t forget your sunscreen!). Weatherproof options, like this neoprene tote, are perfect for transitioning from the beach to lunch or shopping trips!
  1. Oversized, solid-color shirts work as bathing suit cover ups, can be tucked into a skirt for a dinner reservation, or worn as part of a laid back outfit when hanging out in your room with your fellow spring-breakers. Light colors like white and pink basics will look great against your tan.
  1. Easy beauty products such as dry shampoo and multipurpose makeup products such as this two-in-one highlight and contour pencil, or this four-in-one lip and check option are a necessity. Both products take up minimal space and keep you looking fresh all day long, no matter where your day takes you.
  1. A breezy wide-brimmed hat serves so many purposes! It’s a chic addition to almost any outfit, helps to deflect UV rays, and can be a god-send in keeping light from your eyes when you’re taking a much needed nap on the beach.
  1. Wet clothes and sandy bathing suits are not fun when mixed with your clean clothes and shoes. Keep everything separated and dry with Flight 001’s Go Clean Bag set. The set comes with two bags, one for your wet bathing suit, and another for your sandy towels.
  1. Get tech savvy! Keep track of your valuable items with a simple tracker like the Tile System. It’s a small white tile that you attach to items like your keys, wallet, or phone. You then download an app and, if you unfortunately misplace something, the app will notify you where you last had the item and can even locate it within a 100 foot radius.
  1. Whether you got separated from your group and need a little extra battery to keep in touch, or you really just want to make sure you get that perfect Instagram at the end of the day, making sure your phone is charged 24/7 will keep you safe and social. Two great options are a charging case like this one from Mophie, or a portable charger that you can plug in whenever you need.
  1. Ensure that water damage doesn’t ruin things like your phone, wallet, or hotel room key by using Bubble Shield. This shield is the perfect way to store valuables while not having to worry about them getting wet on the beach or in the pool. They come in different shapes and sizes to fit different phone models, and you can keep other small valuables in them as well. Don’t worry, they’re sound-permeable, so you can still make phone calls while your phones protected inside the bubble.

Keeping these tips in mind will assure you can enjoy every second of your spring break trip, without a second thought about keeping your things safe or making sure you have the perfect accessory for any activity.


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