Brands are finally aware that an active social media presence is essential for marketing success. Even late-adopters understand the importance of updating their platforms on a consistent basis. But with everyone posting more than ever before, simply scheduling your regular content doesn’t guarantee likes, comments, and shares anymore. If there’s anything worse than being inactive on social, it’s being boring! To help you get the most out of your platforms –  whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter – follow these steps to success.


Put Staff Front and Center

Your staff are the brand ambassadors that will create memories for guests and customers. It’s because of this that they should be leveraged for your social media channels on a consistent basis. Utilize video and short interviews to post on social not only to build an emotional connection with your brand, but to beat everchanging algorithms as well – video performs 70% better than any other kind of content on social. Whether it’s your Spa Director or Concierge, they have insider expertise on what makes your brand different and a unique voice that will have your followers and fans eager for your next post.


Give Local Love

This one is all about social media’s number 1 rule: it’s not all about you! Speaking with your fans and followers instead of “at” them is a key component to winning on social media. The easiest way to do this is by transforming your channels into a place for visitors to find the best things going on in the area, whether it’s in your hotel/store or not. Always promote major events to showcase that you are “in the know” about what’s going on in the community, but also to drive foot traffic. If there’s a big concert on a Tuesday night, post on Monday that your bar is the best place to grab a drink before the show.


Stay Relevant

Make sure your fans and followers don’t figure out that you schedule content in advance by creating timely, ad hoc posts on a regular basis to supplement other content offers. If there’s a big storm coming your way, create a weather-themed staycation package for potential guests whose flights might get canceled. It’ll showcase that your team is nimble on social media and will add utility to users who follow you.

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