InterContinental New York Barclay on Curbed NY

If a hotel is as good as the company it keeps, InterContinental New York Barclay is pretty good indeed. The newly renovated and reopened hotel was included in Juliana Shallcross’ round up of “9 New York Hotels Undergoing Major Transformations This Year” on Curbed NY. Posted May 3, the piece places The Barclay alongside other noteworthy New York addresses such as The Beekman, Hotel Chelsea and The Time New York, and further highlights the hotel’s $180 million renovation, launch of The Gin Parlour, and revamped InterContinental Lounge. Nice photo, too. Curbed NY keeps its 150,000 monthly readers up on news on real estate happenings and more in the Big City.


Dream Midtown in Toronto Star

There’s nothing like a mess of fish to inspire good ink. Due to writer Jennifer Bain attending our April press trip, Dream Midtown’s many appealing attributes were highlighted in “Something’s Gloriously Fishy at this Midtown Manhattan Hotel” in Toronto Star. The article, which ran in print and then online on May 7, highlighted the hotel’s tubular two-story fish tan as well as The Rickey craft lobby bar and lounge, Serafina restaurant, PHD Terrace, and the hotly anticipated Fishbowl underground bar and gaming parlour. Toronto Star is Canada’s largest daily newspaper with a print circulation of 361,323 and 8,191,208 online viewers.


Dream Midtown and Dream Downtown on BizBash

File this clip under “Dreamy Coverage.” As a result of our encouraging editor Ian Zeyala to attend the “Dream Downtown Goes Topless” event, both of Dream Hotels Manhattan addresses were featured in “12 New Rooftop Venues for Outdoor Entertaining” on BizBash. The May 9 article by Jenny Berg highlighting the best new rooftops for summertime events across the country, included one slide each for Dream Midtown and Dream Downtown, with blurb-sized descriptions of the Guesthouse at the latter and PHD Terrace at the former, along with a beautiful photo and a link to each hotel. BizBash has a readership of 90,000.


Loews Hotels & Resorts on JetSetter

Resolved: Cocktails are fun. As a result of our pitching efforts, The Traveller Bar of Loews Hotels & Resorts was featured in “A Traveling Speakeasy? Yes, Please” in the Food + Drink section of JetSetter. The article by Chelsea Bengier, which was accompanied by a darkly handsome photo of a fedora-topped bartender in action, highlighted the bar’s cross-country schedule, design elements, inspiration and unique cocktails. JetSetter is a good score for Loews with a VPM of 1,757,000. on Skift

Here’s a nice piece for travelers’ peace of mind. Thanks to our various press releases and outreach, reporter Dan Pelter included in “5 New Travel Startups Helping Ease Travelers’ Fears About Taking Trips” on Skift online. The roundup article, posted March 28, led with, noting the company “helps travelers compare different travel insurance plans in the U.S.” Skift, which bills itself as the largest industry intelligence platform providing media, insights and marketing to key sectors of travel, has a VPM of 662,200.


Montage Kapalua Bay on Los Angeles Times Online

What’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick? Client coverage in a piece about poke on Los Angeles Times online. As a result of our working closely with the newspaper’s editorial team, Cane & Canoe restaurant at Montage Kapalua Bay was included in “Hawaii’s Endless Poke Craze, Stoked by New Twists and Traditional Dishes.” The May 12 article by Jay Jones highlighted how C&C is putting an innovative spin on the emerging poke trend with the launch of new Poke Flights, while colorful imagery accentuate the restaurant and its flights. By the way: Poke? Pronounced “POE-kee,” it’s a signature dish in Hawaii with seasoned, bite-sized pieces of raw fish at its core. “Think sushi,” noted the article, “but different.” The LA Times online draws 15,092,236 readers per month – and there’s nothing poky about a number like that.

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