The Dorchester on Marie Claire Online

Just how dazzling is the aroma of The Dorchester’s signature fig-and-cassis-scented candle? Ask Marie Claire. The must-read women’s magazine included the candle in an online roundup of “Staycation Secrets: How to Make Your Apartment Smell Like a Fancy Hotel.” Written by Lauren Valenti and posted May 13, the piece includes a pretty photo of the votive candle, made by Amor et Pysché, as well as details of ingredients and a bit of history. (Who knew Plato saw “mental-stirring qualities” in fig?) There was also a link to Dorchester Collection’s luxury retail page for purchasing. Marie Claire is a top target for the hotel, reaching 1,514,015 online readers each month.


Nomadic Expeditions in Travel + Leisure

Open wide! As a result of hosting a media visit, Nomadic Expeditions was featured in Pico Iyer’s Mongolia travelogue in the June 2016 print issue of Travel + Leisure. “The Great Wide Open,” an eight-page reflection on the author’s experience, highlights Nomadic Expeditions as the tour operator of choice for the landlocked nation. It also mentions the award-winning luxury “ger” camp, Three Camel Lodge, and the author’s time exploring the Flaming Cliffs with Jalsa Urubshurow, who launched Nomadic Expeditions back in 1992. Both NomEx and TCL are noted on magazine’s “Details” page as well. There’s nothing like a feature placement in Travel + Leisure, which has a print circulation of 976,562 and reaches 9,319,912 online readers per month.


Solage Calistoga on Sunset Online

Los Angeles is a long way from Napa Valley – or is it? After submitted images and details of Solage Calistoga’s stunning swimming pool, we were thrilled to see the resort included in “11 Best Hotel Pools” on Sunset online. The slideshow-style article by Rachel Levin positioned resort’s the swimming hole as Napa’s “L.A.-style” pool and highlighted the sizzling scene, serene surroundings, Solbar’s poolside menu, and even the “brain freeze” one can expect from the new Kirin Ichiban frozen beer. With its focus on living well out West, Sunset is a great catch for the resort, with a VPM of 849,000+.


Tradewind Aviation on 914INC.

Talk about soaring coverage. Thanks to an interview we facilitated, Dave Donelson positioned Tradewind Aviation as a key player in the private aviation market in Westchester Magazine’s sister publication 914INC. “Clear Skies Ahead for Private Aviation,” which ran online and is slated to appear in 914INC’s 2Q print edition, included strong quotes from Tradewind President Eric Zipkin. Taken together online and in print, the piece flew high with 178,299 media impressions.


Tradewind Aviation on Condé Nast Traveler Online

Pssst – wanna see a real sunset? Get off the ground. As a result of inflight experience, Tradewind Aviation was included in travel journalist Paul Rubio’s slideshow, “Where to See the World’s Best Sunsets,” on Condé Nast Traveler online. The piece, posted May 6, positioned the airline as the perfect place to enjoy a sunset. We checked Google Analytics and were delighted to see that the article drove 69 sessions to the Tradewind’s website. Meantime, Condé Nast Traveler online is a great score, with a VPM of 8,283,114.

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