Accor on Closing Bell on CNBC

Sometimes coverage is all in the timing. When we learned Sebastien Bazin, CEO of Accor Hotels, would be attending the Hospitality Conference at New York University, our team requested a guest list and spotted Simon Hobbs of CNBC. Surmising that Hobbs would be interested in chatting up Bazin, the team reached out and arranged an interview. The result was a nearly four-minute one-on-one on CNBC’s Closing Bell with Bazin discussing Accor’s asset disposal plans and more. “I want to prove to the market that you can be a damn good operator or franchiser but as well, in a different business which is complimentary, which is an asset allocator, provided you are transparent, provided you have a different team, different mission, different objectives,” said Bazin in the June 1 on-camera interview. “You buy assets because you want to want to extract value from the real estate and prove to the market that you are transparent, that by arbitraging, keeping and selling, you actually create value for the shareholders.” In return Hobbs noted Accor’s shares are way up since Bazin took over the hotel group in August 2013.


Dolder Grand in Condé Nast Traveler

The hotel-as-art-gallery trend has been steadily gaining moment of late, and we are always eager to promote the same of our clients. The Dolder Grand’s placement of museum-quality artworks and partnership with Galerie Gmurzynska were highlighted in “Night at the Museum” in the June 2015 issue of Condé Nast Traveler.  A go-to source for luxury travel information, CNT is a top target publication for The Dolder Grand in the U.S., with a circulation of 813,747 readers each month.


The Dorchester on

When USA Today assigned “London Local Expert” Arianna Reiche to round up the top 10 luxury hotels in London, she knew just where to go. The result was placement of The Dorchester as #1 in “Putting On The Glitz: London’s Top Luxury Hotels,” which ran in the paper’s online 10Best section on May 3. “The Dorchester may just have perfected modern luxury,” began Reiche in a paragraph-length description of the Dorchester Collection flagship, including notes on guest rooms, dining and “golden interior space designed by legendary French architect Bruno Moinard.” The hotel was also featured in a slideshow. USA Today’s circulation is a not-to-be-sniffed-at 15,160,121.


Le Guanahani in The Week

A little coverage can go a long way. As a result of Ann Abel’s recent article about Le Guanahani on, the newly rebranded resort on St. Barth was included as the “Hotel of the Week” in the June 12, 2015 edition of The Week magazine. An informative and witty digest that bills its content as “The Best of the U.S. and International Media,” The Week reaches 579,291 readers. Weekly, of course.


Kaptivating on

Is there nothing digital tools can’t do? Our client, Kaptivating, offers hospitality software that finds hotels potential customers via their social media and search activity. As a result of our team briefing the Skift staff on the company and its digital tools caught the eye of Samantha Shankman, who featured Kaptivating in “5 Travel Startups Built to Improve Existing Ecosystems” on Kaptivating’s software was the lead item in the May 26 round-up article, with Shankman noting, “As creepy as it seems, companies are diving into potential customers’ personal digital lives for clues on who to target and when.” Welcome to the Digital Age.


The Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa on News Channel 3, KESQ

“Just as it’s starting to heat up outside, Rancho Las Palmas is offering some pretty unique cocktails to help cool you off,” noted Patrick Evans, Chief Meteorologist of Channel 3, CBS Local 2, KESQ in Palm Springs, in a piece on the talent behind the cocktails at The Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa. The one-minute-plus “Eye on the Desert” segment, “Rancho Las Palmas Puts Out Unique Summer Cocktails,” focused on reporter Bianca Rae’s tutorial on mixing the Desert Heat cocktail from the resort’s lead mixologist Ambrosio Lopez, who appeared on camera shaking a shaker and highlighting the many great ingredients he uses behind the bar. “I have access to fresh juices, fresh produce, herbs. I mean I can craft anything you can imagine.”

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