Snapchat has been on people’s social media radars for a while. With 100 million daily users and frequent updates that keep consumers tuned in and engaged, this social media platform is constantly reinventing itself and its potential. While users have been engaging with this platform since its inception, travel brands and influencers are beginning to tap into the market and use the app to their advantage.

So, what does this mean for the travel industry? National Geographic has its own landing page on the “Discover” tab of the app and provides articles, photos and quizzes with travel themed content. Brands like Condé Nast Traveler (@CNTraveler), Beautiful Destinations (@BDestinations), and Lonely Planet  (@LPSnapz) are active on Snapchat and are worth following in order to stay up to date on innovative marketing practices.

Many bloggers have also turned to Snapchat to provide a real-time experience for their followers. The platform allows bloggers to “tease” their readers with hints at the next destination they are covering. Some great travel bloggers to follow include: @ExpatEdna, @TreyRatcliff and @AdventuousKate.

Periscope, another new social media tool that is being used in the travel sector, links directly to user’s Twitter feeds allows brands to connect directly to their customer base. The live-stream video proves to be compelling content as TechCrunch stated that users are “averaging about 6.7 years of content per day”.

The travel industry can benefit from the immediacy that Snapchat and Periscope provide, and, in a social media space where user-generated content is key, both platforms’ ability to communicate and receive information quickly from brand enthusiasts is essential in maintaining a relevant edge.

– Emily Shearburn

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