Hawkins International Public Relations is on the up! With a recent inclusion on the 2015 Inc. 5000 list and new business pouring into our Chelsea office, we quickly realized that we were outgrowing our current digs. With 28 employees and new employees rapidly joining our team, it was time to expand our office space. Luckily, we didn’t have to look far as a spot down the hall from our current office became available. This acquisition allowed for 8 employees to leave “the Hawkins nest” and make the move.

Every new office has to have a name, so in typical Hawkins fashion we came up with a competition to name the new office space. Each employee was encouraged to submit names for the new space with the prize being a very exciting Summer Friday to be taken in the fall! There were many creative entries, but the office ended up voting on ‘The Studio’ to be the name of the new space!

While all of the client and internal meetings will take place in the current space, ‘The Studio’ is an exciting expansion and a testament to how strongly, and quickly, Hawkins International continues to grow.

The beautiful new space is filled with natural light and the signature, colorful décor found in our current offices. The sunny office features a small kitchen, two large offices and desks to fit 6 employees. We’re excited to share this exciting news and will continue to update you on HIPR updates as they roll in!





-Emily Shearburn

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