La Nina has struck!  This winter movement may not be as famous as her older brother – yet – but she’s promising to dump plenty of snow on the Western U.S., bringing with her the delight of skiers and snowboarders across the country.  Last week, USA Today ran this story about the early snowstorms, and how the weather is going to affect ski meccas from Colorado to Wyoming.

This is great news for powder worshipers, especially those who flock to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, every year for choice ski and snowboarding trails.  This year, snowboarders will be especially pleased, thanks to the new stash opening from Burton snowboards.  The renowned snowboard company is building a custom course on the Jackson Hole mountain this winter, the first of its kind in the west.  The best part is, visitors don’t have to be seasoned snowboarders to partake.  Hotel Terra is helping newbies with its “Learn to Ride” package, including three nights at the rustic, LEED-Silver certified hotel; a day of snowboarding lessons, including equipment; daily breakfast for two; and a Flip video camera to chart progress on the slopes.  The package starts at $1,102.  For more, see

So whether visitors are lifelong boarders or completely new to the concept, the new stash will be a snowboarder’s dream. All that’s required is a little patience for its 2011 opening.

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