New year, new destinations to explore. That seems to be the motto at Hawkins International. In the month of January, our team has traveled all over the country to some of the most wanderlust-worthy destinations, and thank goodness they tag their photos with #HIPRtravel so that all of us in the New York office can enjoy the views as well. We’re lucky that our clients are so photogenic!

This month we’ve traveled to Laguna Beach for pleasure, headed to Switzerland for a FAM trip, enjoyed a ski weekend in Burlington and hosted a press trip in St. Barth! Along the way, our team has enjoyed sharing their most Instagram-able moments. We’ve compiled some of our favorite posts from the past month for your viewing pleasure! Be sure to check out these gorgeous destinations and many more through the hashtag #HIPRtravel.

Montage Laguna Beach

1Photo via @jhawkins33

Gstaad Palace

2Photo via @stancioff

Hotel Vermont

 8Photo via @iancentrone

Hotel Vermont

4Photo via @iancentrone

Le Guanahani

5Photo via @travelwritedraw

Le Guanahani

7Photo via @annececile

Tradewind Aviation

Video via @annececile

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