Jennifer Hawkins, President of Hawkins International, tells us what every business can learn from the wellness industry, and why today’s thought leaders are inviting her company to be part of the conversation

First off, I’d like to say thanks for reading Long Story Short – we’re excited to share our take on the shifting landscape of the luxury travel and lifestyle industry. Fast-moving advances in tech and consumer behavior can understandably leave you flummoxed as to how to get your great idea, business, destination, or new product in the public eye.

In response to that “what next?” question, let’s start with what I learned recently at the Global Wellness Summit, a sort of Davos-of-the-wellness-world. What I learned at this high-profile think tank, which was a cross-pollination of spa, medical, spiritual, and hospitality leaders, is that principally 75 percent of all diseases are preventable with a real commitment to lifestyle changes. Wow! That is ranging from how and what we eat, our exercise and spiritual regimen, how we act and react to others around us, and most importantly to us, how we travel and where we go.

One takeaway was that on either a business trip to an urban hotel or a vacation in the tropics, it’s possible to come back with a sense of renewal and reboot, and that now, resorts and hotels can be platforms for immersion and education. “Transformative Travel” was one of the buzz phrases at the conference that got my attention. It got me thinking about our own business and our clients – how they are promising guests an alternative “transformative” experience. At the Global Wellness Summit, there was also a lot of talk about what millennials are looking for — a desire for an integration of mind, body, spirit, and a sense of place — ultimately, a takeaway experience. A resort is not just a place to sleep and eat while you are traveling…sometimes it’s most valuable as an introduction to something new.

That’s a framework that I hope you’ll use when engaging with us at Hawkins International; we’d like to help your business create something new for your clients. Think of us as a brain trust: we have clients all over the world, and both independent and big brands look to us for inspiration. We’re in a constant search with our clients for new ideas, both inside their industries and out. Maybe we’re acting as a consultant for a spa program, brainstorming an in-room amenity, or fielding questions about seasonal challenges. Whatever we’re tasked with, we look forward to getting creative and helping you, and your team, set a great plan in motion so that you, too, can transform, secure in the knowledge that you’ve invested in a great — and successful — experience.




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