(Coconut Lime Pie Cocktail from Montage Kapalua Bay)

Are you a Cinnamon Appletini or a Key Lime Pie cocktail? In honor of “Pi Day” this 3.14, we’ve created a quiz to help you decide which Pie-inspired cocktail is right for you. Be sure to share your results with us!

What is your dream vacation destination?

  1. Everest – I’ve been training to climb for a few years now!
  2. A Mediterranean cruise! Why visit one place when you can check a few different locales?
  3. California, relaxing by the water
  4. Somewhere secluded with friendly people

What activity takes up the majority of your free time?

  1. The gym
  2. Nothing specific, but I’m always running around trying to fit a million things into a day
  3. Keeping up with my TV shows! I love anything based in a warm climate
  4. Catching up with family and friends

What is your favorite type of movie?

  1. Action
  2. Rom-Com
  3. Adventure
  4. Comedy

What is your favorite type of food?

  1. Smoothies, full of fruit and veggies!
  2. Salad with a little bit of everything
  3. I’ll try any of the latest trends
  4. Anything homemade

Who do you spend the most time with?

  1. My personal trainer…he’s my lifesaver
  2. I have a lot of friends that all hang out in different groups
  3. My two best friends – we’re inseparable
  4. Family, they’re there for me no matter what



Mostly A’s: The only time you would enjoy a nice slice of pie on Pi Day is in your dreams! But Hilton Head Health has got just the right cocktail to go with your health- conscious attitude, while still being able to celebrate. The Cinnamon Appletini is a delicious apple-pie inspired drink for only 140 calories. This delicious mix is made with apple-soaked vodka, apple cider, and garnished with a sliced apple and skewered cinnamon stick to make the perfect low-calorie drink.


Mostly B’s: If there were an array of pies in front of you in celebration of Pi Day, you would have a hard time choosing just one, but don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. The Berry Crumble Cocktail is the Pi Day drink for you! A blend of blackberries, lemon juice and bourbon from Lungarno Collection’s fusion bar and restaurant will hit the spot and satisfy all of your cravings.


Mostly C’s: On this holiday, you wish you were relaxing on a vacation in the warmer weather. In case you can’t make it to Montage Laguna Beach, they’ve provided this recipe for a Key Lime Pie Cocktail with vanilla vodka, lime juice and simple syrup. Make this delicious drink in your kitchen with friends, while dreaming of overlooking the Pacific Ocean.


Mostly D’s: You’re the type of person who would much rather enjoy a home-cooked meal and quality time spent catching up with your family, so we have the perfect drink for you. This Pi Day Cocktail is called The Southern Pecan Pie Martini and is served up at  Montage Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina. Enjoy this savory spin on a southern comfort food while catching up with your family on Pi Day this year and make everyone happy!


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