1. Where do you currently live?

  1. European city
  2. Suburbs
  3. Small, rural town
  4. Major U.S. city

2. What is your living situation like?

  1. Young adult and dating
  2. Settled into marriage or choosing to enjoy the single life
  3. Started a family
  4. Live alone but are engaged or in a serious relationship

3. At what point in your career are you?

  1. Finally reaching a more stable point where entry level is behind you
  2. Mainly achieved your career goals but still have some room to grow
  3. Highly successful and have curated an impressive professional career
  4. Still trying to figure out exactly what you want to do

4. What have your travel experiences been like so far?

  1. Traveled a bit here and there and have been to the major tourist destiantions
  2. Usually go for the relaxing getaway, either a beach escape or wellness retreat
  3. Family-friendly destinations tend to make sure everyone enjoys themselves
  4. When you travel you go big – usually hopping from country to country around the world

5. Why do you want to travel this summer?

  1. Add a new experience to your scrapbook
  2. You want to let loose and have fun
  3. Bonding time with the family
  4. You need a break and just want to kick back and relax

6. Who would you travel with?

  1. Loved one
  2. Group of friends
  3. Family members
  4. Solo

Mostly A’s: African Journey

Your summer is definitely taking you to an international destination and not just any tourist packed city. Hop a flight and have the experience of a lifetime on a Wilderness Safaris journey through Africa’s wildlife. Stay in luxurious lodges (the true definition of “glamping”) for a romantic experience or adventure for two. Choose amongst the many itineraries which will allow you to view unforgettable scenery in the most rural desserts of Africa.  A fresh take on any summer vacation!

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Mostly B’s: Big City Weekend

You and your group of best friends are looking for a fun weekend getaway to break up the summer months! Dream Downtown is the perfect city destination located in the heart of Manhattan. During the day, enjoy everything this vibrant city has to offer, from great restaurants and galleries to museums, shopping and world-class entertainment. In the evening, return to the PH-D rooftop and toast to the night ahead. Incredible city views and a lively creative environment will ensure that you and your friends have a one-of-a-kind weekend to look forward to!

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Mostly C’s: California Dreaming

Nothing says family vacation like a California retreat! This summer, Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa is pulling out all the stops to ensure that every family stays entertained at all hours of the day! From boat rides aboard their “Stinger” Pontoon to dive-in family movies at their pool, the resort is pulling out all the stops to ensure their mountain getaway appeals to everyone. Just a short drive from Los Angeles, this resort hits all the marks for a perfect family getaway.

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Mostly D’s: Quiet Mountain Retreat

To switch up your regular vacation routine, why not give yourself some time to relax and recuperate this summer and experience a mountain scape in the Swiss Alps? Gstaad Palace is the perfect host with scenic views, first class dining and a rejuvenating spa. Although known for its unparalleled winter sports during, this iconic resort has just as many activities to offer in the summer month including hiking and biking in the Bernese Oberland, tennis, golfing and squash, and world class shopping! We recommend you take the Golden Pass train up to enjoy the stunning views.

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