The end of the summer is quickly approaching which means you still have a few weeks left to set up your “out of office” email response, look into quick getaways, pack a small bag and set off on a weekend excursion. We at Hawkins believe in the power of preparation which is why we’ve compiled an easy checklist for the next time you want to plan a spur-of-the-moment, weekend trip.

Make sure the travel time is manageable

  • It’s supposed to be relaxing! That means ensuring that the travel time is short and getting there is easy. You want the focus of your weekend to be escaping from your weekday routine not figuring out how you’re going to make an impossibly short train connection. We recommend sticking to anything under two hours away. That way you can leave work (maybe a little bit early), make it to your destination by dinner and enjoy a peaceful evening.

Find travel apps to make your trip run smoothly

  • Whenever you travel to a new place one thing rings true: locals know best. That’s why Localeur, an app that puts you in touch with locals who can recommend the best places to explore, is so handy. Once you have all of your activities taken care of, finding the best restaurants should be the next thing on your list! Foodspotting is a great app that gives users a visual guide to restaurants by compiling user submitted pictures of their favorite, foodie finds. Want to explore the your weekend destination visually before you visit? Download Trover; this app allows you to search by city and filter by genre to easily scope out the must-see spots.

Take advantage of hotel weekend packages

Document your adventure

  • While Instagram may be the most go-to way to document a trip, there are many new players in the photo sharing space. Invite friends and family to experience your vacation in real time through Tripcast, an app that allows you to share entire albums of photos instantly with your followers.

We hope these tips for a summer, weekend getaway were helpful and that now you’re going to stop thinking about that weekend getaway and start planning! Trust us, it’s easier than it may seem.

-Emily Shearburn

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