Talk of cannabis leaves and what they produce has been around forever, but today, it’s the plant’s medicinal benefits that are making headlines across the globe. Infusing the non-psychoactive compound Cannabidiol (or CBD) into various beauty, health, and wellness products is becoming more the norm. This isn’t your college roommate’s weed — this is a booming wellness industry looking to spread positive health benefits to a wider and more affluent audience.

Presently, CBD oil is showing up on luxury spa & boutique hotel menus across the country; there’s even a list of the top 10 cannabis chefs in the country – some of whom are behind those hot new menus blowing up the hotel scene. Harnessing the power of the therapeutic properties for both body and mind, the luxury industry is embracing CBD oils and infusing them into their offerings. Seeking the benefits of this plant-based oil, consumers are flocking in droves for CBD oils in their massage treatments, soaps, lotions, and even in treats for their four-legged travel companions.

The cannabinoids (or CBDs) from hemp maintain all the major positive health benefits without the foggy high of THCs (tetrahydrocannabinol). By attaching to the body’s own receptors, CBDs elevate already active, healthy systems. Upping the ante of vitamins and minerals in the body, CBD oil helps to provide radiant, balanced skin along with its powerful positive effect on the immune system, reducing skin irritations, easing anxiety and relaxing overworked muscles. With its potent powers and positive potential, it’s no wonder that spas are adding it to their repertoire, and that more and more companies are springing up with CBD-driven products to benefit consumers.

One of those spas is Sunrise Springs Spa Resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Offering a CBD massage therapy treatment, this destination spa aims to help their clients release tension in sore muscles and lessen joint inflammation. Sunrise Springs Spa Resort’s Spa Director, Maggie Wagner says, “We began offering CBD massages as it is a powerful ingredient to assist guests recovering from overexertion and physical issues. It decreases inflammation, which has become a common ailment associated with a wide variety of health challenges. Guests tell us that they are able to sleep through the night and that the service has reduced and eliminated pain temporarily. We source our line directly from Colorado to ensure the highest quality levels. The line is available in our gift shop for guests to take home with them so they may continue to get the relief that CBD provides.”

Many consumer brands are building product lines that feature CBD oil. Merging the benefits of New Zealand Manuka honey and CBD hemp isolate, the Cannuka skincare line is a prime example. As Stephen Letourneau, a partner in Cannuka, told Organic Spa Magazine, ‘Cannabis is everywhere in skincare, as it has a myriad of benefits for the body.’ Cannuka offers products like Hydrating Skin Balm and Calming Eye Balm, aiming to blend the benefits of natural elements and elevate the body’s own healing properties.

To keep learning, growing and reinventing itself, the luxury travel and wellness industry is now tapping the benefits of these cannabinoids and bringing them to the table. Finding ways to incorporate them into their upscale environment can only continue to elevate the client’s experience and bring a wider audience into an already thriving industry. Whether at a spa, hotel, or restaurant, keep an eye out; CBD oil might just be on the next menu you encounter.

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