#HIPRTravel: 5 Travel Accessories to Make Your Trip Stress-Free

#HIPRTravel: 5 Travel Accessories to Make Your Trip Stress-Free


Nothing is worse than waiting at baggage claim, looking for your bag, and then feeling helpless once you can’t find it. LugLoc takes the worrying of where you bag is away by giving you the ability to track your luggage.  All you have to do is purchase the device, which combines GSM and Bluetooth technology (for $70), put it in your suitcase, and download a $7 app, which comes with five free traces.  With a tap on the app, a map will appear showing the location of your suitcase, regardless of where in the world it is. And the best part – if it’s in close range, maybe at the baggage carousel Bluetooth will kick in and let you know your luggage awaits.


Benga 2S Duo 2

It’s easy to see why the Benga 2S Duo 2 was voted one of the most innovative products at this year’s Travel Goods Showcase.  The Benga 2S transforms from one four-wheeled hard-shell suitcase into two two-wheeled rollers, each sporting one hard side and one soft side – so you’re essentially getting two suitcases for the price of one!  Each separate bag has its own retractable hand and a TSA-compliant lock.  The bag  fits most carry-on specs as the single luggage piece, and there is always the option of checking in half and carrying on half. Expected for summer release, the price tag will be in the range of $400.


Walter and Rays TAB  Seatback Organizer

Unbeknownst to many – the seat pockets on airplanes are the worst offenders when it comes to germs. For all of you germaphobes, this seat back organizer makes sure you have all your travel necessities organized and germ-free.  What started as a Kickstarter project, the TAB will cost $50 to $150, depending on the material and the style.  It also boasts other cool accessories such as an arm-rest pillow and a smaller pocket for the minimalist.


Apple’s Airport Express

Finding wifi can sometimes be a hassle – especially when you’re traveling. And we all know that in this day and age it is imperative to keep in contact with your loved ones, with work and with friends.  For just $99, Apple’s Airport Express will keep you connected while on the go so you never have to worry about missing that important email.



With all the hustle and bustle of travel you can sometimes lose the joy in venturing off to a new destination. With the Happier app, you’ll be reminded to share your gratitude and find new reasons to smile.  The company’s main mission is to make you feel happier in everyday life – which is important to prioritize every day, especially when traveling. “More than 11,000 scientific studies show that developing a gratitude habit helps you feel more optimistic, sleep better, be more creative, productive, and less stressed.” Bonus: this app is free – just one more reason to smile.


– Kasey McKenna 


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